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Graceworks Housecleaning - 541-292-3895 - Employment

Are you looking to clean for a great company?

Our business is growing and we are looking for experienced housecleaners with an ecofriendly orientation.

We are looking for individuals that are self-motivated, efficient, effective, friendly, detail oriented, present, and interested in working with wonderful people. Most importantly, we are looking for genuinely good human beings!

We offer some of the best pay in the Rogue Valley for housecleaners. Cleaners generally work in shifts of 2-6 hours per day depending on clients’ needs and cleaner availability. We usually hire part-time to begin with and we like to make sure that each cleaner has plenty of time off to replenish as housecleaning can be quite physically demanding work.

What our staff have to say about working for Graceworks:

“I like the variety of work. Each client and each home, brings new experience!”

“There are so many beautiful homes we get to clean! I love it and the people we meet. They are often so appreciative. “

“This is one of my favorite jobs ever. People are happy to be helped. I love the freedom to create my own schedule too.”

“I enjoy the cleaning and afterward the feeling of reward and people being happy as a result.”

“I love meeting all of the people, the routine of cleaning, and then the feeling of accomplishment afterwards at the end of each job. “

“I love the stability of income, the physicality of the work, and the supportive work environment with the management.”

“I love having a positive impact on people’s lives and teaching them more about green products and practices.”

"I enjoy the days where I meet a great client, the job goes well and I leave feeling accomplished."

“I like how we get to set our own schedule and I love the clients!”

“It really is a stress reliever to clean, it’s like therapy and I get paid for it!”

“I enjoy meeting all the people and working with the other cleaners, they are so upbeat and friendly! It’s a great job!”

“I love the joy and peace that a clean place brings to these people and the satisfaction of having been part of that happening for them.”

“I’m so glad we get to use eco-friendly supplies and the flexibility of the scheduling!”

“I’ve learned a lot about cleaning on this job, it pays really well, and I love the people and the management really cares about us as cleaners. I always feel appreciated by them and the clients!”

"I really enjoy the variety, every week feeling a little different, sometimes working alone, sometimes with others."

"I enjoy working for a company that I feel has such integrity and management that feels kind, supportive, and genuine."


You could be a good fit for this position if you:

- Have your own reliable transportation.
- Have a cellphone and internet access.
- Enjoy cleaning.
- Have a good sense of how to give good customer service and how to clean a home well.
- Are able to communicate clearly with us and our customers.
- Are able to commit to a 1 year long and longer timeframe.
- Are able to take in feedback from clients and a manager

We offer a drug free work environment and a win-win-win business model.

You may contact us through the form below if you are interested in working with us.

Full Name:


Phone Number:

How do you meet each of the requirements listed above?

What days and times are you available (Sunday through Saturday) and when will you be able to start?

What are your strengths as a cleaner?

Most clients are in the Medford/Ashland area so if you live in Grants Pass are you willing to incur the costs for gas driving to clients each day?


What questions, if any, do you have about the position?


We are currently located in Medford, Oregon making us easily available to service throughout the Rogue Valley area.


GraceWorks Housecleaning Services GBAC-Trained Technician
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Click here to take the survey with questions designed to help you create a work relationship that is mutually beneficial and supportive!
Graceworks uses 100% Renewable Energy, you can too


Graceworks Volunteers at the Ashland Death Cafe

Graceworks donates to JPR each year

Graceworks donates to the Ashland School Foundation each year

We donate to No Pet Left Behind

A portion of our profits are given to Save the Children

A portion of Graceworks profits goes to Integral Church to help grow access to Integral spirituality in the world. A portion of Graceworks profits goes to Kiva.org to help those with financial barriers around the world to be able to take steps for a brighter future.


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