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Important information about how Graceworks Housecleaning is responding to COVID-19

As you have most likely been hearing in the news, Coronavirus or COVID-19, is spreading as an infectious disease this season in addition to the normal flu and cold viruses going around. We thought it was a good time to be in touch and share some tips for keeping healthy and what our protocols are for maintaining the health of our staff and the cleanliness of your home and office.

At Graceworks Housecleaning we are committed to make each place sparkle and free of infectious diseases and germs using disinfectants that are ecofriendly and effective. Your health and safety is our utmost concern.

We are now using PureGreen24 which is certified by the EPA to kill COVID19! PureGreen24 is non-toxic to adults, children, pets, and the environment and has 24 hour residual protection. It is odorless and has the lowest EPA toxicity rating. Learn more about this amazing product here: https://puregreen24.com/qa.html. We also sell this product if you would like to purchase some for your home use contact us at 541-292-3895 or email us at info@graceworkscleaning.com.

(We also can use Cleanwell disinfectant spray, peroxide, and rubbing alcohol for cleaning agents as well for clients that prefer those options.)

We require all of our cleaners to be healthy for all cleaning appointments. We will reschedule any cleaning or cover the cleaning with a new cleaner wherever the regular cleaner is sick so they can stay home and not spread any disease. We are disinfecting all surfaces of products, vacuums, bins, and items that are brought into cleanings. Cleaners have masks, disposable and latex gloves, and indoor only shoes that are disinfected for each clean.

We ask you and all of our clients to contact us if there is anyone in your office or home that has been ill so we can take the necessary precautions to keep our staff healthy and not spread any illness to other locations and clients. We will cancel any cleanings whereby there is or recently has been illness in the home or office.

Read more about our COVID-19 preventive protocols here: https://mailchi.mp/ae9706ac8081/staying-healthy-amidst-virus-season

- Eric Grace
Owner of Graceworks

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Thumbtack Best of 2016  
We are an award winning ecofriendly cleaning service based in the Rogue Valley.
We love to bring ease to our clients and make every home we clean sparkle.


Graceworks Housecleaning - 541-292-3895

Our mission is to provide you with safe, affordable, ecological and friendly service while making your home look and feel great. We accomplish all this without utilizing any harmful or toxic cleaning chemicals - ensuring the safety of your family, pets and the environment.

We offer exceptional, ecofriendly housecleaning services in the Rogue Valley, from Eagle Point, White City, Medford, Central Point, Phoenix, Talent, Ashland as well as the Grants Pass, Rogue River, Gold Hill areas.

Residential & Commercial Rates:

$30 per hour for one cleaner for maintenance cleaning and office cleaning

$60 per hour for a team of two cleaners for maintenance cleaning and office cleaning


$90 per hour for a team of three cleaners for maintenance cleaning and office cleaning


$120 per hour for a team of four cleaners for maintenance cleaning and office cleaning

Move In/Move Out Rates:

$35 per hour for one cleaner for move-outs/move-ins/deep cleaning


$70 per hour for a team of two cleaners for move-outs/move-ins/deep cleaning


$105 per hour for a team of three cleaners for move-outs/move-ins/deep cleaning


$140 per hour for a team of four cleaners for move-outs/move-ins/deep cleaning

Rest assured we are licensed, bonded, and insured!


• Clean, Chemical Free Home
• Freed Up Time and Energy
• Improved Health & Relaxation
• Reduced Stress
• Simpler Life


Services we offer:

• Residential/Commercial Cleaning
• Special Event clean-up
• Making Real Estate Market Ready
• Post-Construction clean-ups
• Move-in/outs
• Home Housekeeping
• Personal errands and
• Organizing upon request


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My name is Eric Grace and I am the owner and operator of GraceWorks. I have dedicated a great deal of time researching the safest and most effective cleaning supplies and strategies available so we can use them to make your home feel fresh and look beautiful without leaving any toxic footprint. You and your loved one's health and the health of the environment is our utmost concern - whether we are caring for your home in a one-time visit or are returning time and time again.

As we take the time to thoroughly clean your space of grease, grime, dust and dirt, we also clear it of old or stagnant energy - giving you a fresh space replenish yourself and a calming environment to provide more opportunity for life enjoyment, family time, success, and fulfillment in your life.

We aim to please and our goal is 100% satisfaction! If not completely satisfied simply let us know and we will make it right, guaranteed.

We serve homeowners, renters, wellness clinics, retreat centers, real estate agencies, vacation rentals and property management companies who are looking for an eco-friendly and personal touch in caring for their locations.

We charge $30 per hour per cleaner for all maintenance, market ready, vacation rentals, or office cleanings or $35 per hour per cleaner for all deep clean, move-outs, move-ins, or post construction cleanings. We arrive with our own appliances and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. 


Call Eric at 541-292-3895 and get a free housecleaning consultation for your home today. Rest assured, we are licensed, bonded, and insured!

Graceworks runs background checks on all of its cleaners through Datasource Background Screening Services. You can rest assured that our cleaners are trustworthy.

Graceworks is a member of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. You can view our listing here. We have been serving the Rogue Valley since 2008.

Looking for some extra help around the house? We also offer mail pick-up service, errands, organizing, light shopping, and other personal services when scheduling permits. We are aware that many individuals need assistance for small tasks over and above housecleaning. Just ask, we’d love to help out.



• Lifting and Moving Heavy Furniture (Requiring another person's assistance or that does not have wheels and/or padding underneath)

• Reaching Heights Inaccessible On Our 2-Step Ladders and Extender Duster Wands

• Carpet Cleaning (But We Can Refer You To Awesome Providers!)

• Cleaning Bio-Hazardous Substances (Blood, Mold, Animal Waste)

• Service Clients Who Are Disrespectful To Our Staff


We are currently located in Medford, Oregon making us easily available to service throughout the Rogue Valley area.

Check out our featured article in Cleanify Magazine!


You can tell immediately upon meeting him that Eric Grace is someone who cares deeply about other people. Whether it’s providing customers of Graceworks Housecleaning with eco-friendly cleaning or creating a nurturing and positive work environment for the fifteen person staff that he manages, Eric is committed to providing a positive experience.





Open 9-5pm for Scheduling
Monday Thru Friday

Available for
Cleaning Monday Through Sunday


Click here to take the survey with questions designed to help you create a work relationship that is mutually beneficial and supportive!

At Graceworks, we choose to be a fair employer and ask our clients to be as well. Learn more about humanizing domestic work through the Fair Care and the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the Domestic Employer Network:

GraceWorks Housecleaning Services GBAC-Trained Technician
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Graceworks uses 100% Renewable Energy, you can too



Graceworks Volunteers at the Ashland Death Cafe

Graceworks donates to JPR each year

Graceworks donates to the Ashland School Foundation each year

We donate to No Pet Left Behind

A portion of our profits are given to Save the Children

A portion of Graceworks profits goes to Integral Church to help grow access to Integral spirituality in the world. A portion of Graceworks profits goes to Kiva.org to help those with financial barriers around the world to be able to take steps for a brighter future.


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