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Why Green Cleaning?

Graceworks Housecleaning - 541-292-3895 - Why Green Cleaining?

It is healthier for you, your family, the environment, and our cleaners!

Most cleaning products, including laundry detergent, glass cleaner and bathroom cleaners contain harmful ingredients that, when inhaled or absorbed through the skin, can be toxic to your health. You might not even realize their impact until you stop using these products.

You and your family will be healthier. Everyone in the house benefits from green cleaning: your spouse, the kids and even the family pets. When we absorb these toxic ingredients our immune system is depleted leading to higher rates of illness. The toxic chemicals have a much stronger impact on animals and small children than healthy adults.

Toxins from these cleaning products may directly or indirectly impact the environment. For example, when they are washed down the drain, these chemicals remain in the water that reaches local aquatic life, potentially killing them.

Every time they are used, chemicals from cleaning products seep into the indoor air you breathe. By removing these products from the home, you can breathe easier knowing that your home has cleaner air.

Too many people associate the strong chemical odor with a “clean” smell. Because green cleaners don’t smell so strong this does not mean that your house is not getting clean. Green cleaning products are just as effective, if not more so, without the negative impact to you, those you love, and the environment.

Many of us were raised with cleaning products that contain innumerable amounts of toxins. Growing up, questions regarding the toxicity and the hazards of chemicals within the environment were altogether overlooked. Today, however, evidence shows that what we put in our home and what we use to clean our home is just as important as what we put inside our body. In fact, the products that we use within our homes enter into our bodies via the air we breathe, through our skin, and through the water we drink.

With all these chemicals, it’s no wonder that the EPA found the air quality in our homes to be 5 times to 10 times more toxic than the air outside, and typically contaminated by anywhere from 20 to 150 different pollutants. Much of this pollution comes from petrochemical cleaners.

If you would like to learn more about the potential hazards related to the cleaning products you can find out about some of the chemicals in the cleaning products you use at www.scorecard.org provides ‘chemical profiles’ that allow you to type in the name of a chemical from the ingredient list and find out the health hazards associated with it. This website also lists the current information on the Rogue Valley’s air and water quality as well as other pollution statistic’s in the area.

Unfortunately, many commonly used cleaning products contain many toxic ingredients. If you are not using a 100% natural product, you are probably using dangerous chemicals. Be aware of products that do not disclose all of their ingredients. Products that do not openly disclose all of their ingredients usually have something to hide. The words ‘organic’, ‘non-toxic’, and ‘eco-safe’ do not always mean the product is natural or completely safe. On personal care and household products, the labels ‘organic’, ‘non-toxic’, and ‘eco-safe’ are not regulated by the FDA or USDA this means that companies can use these terms even if their product is toxic and un-natural. Look for products that have nothing to hide and products that openly disclose all of their ingredients. Some products that use a ‘natural’ label actually contain artificial fragrances and other chemicals so they are NOT natural products at all.

When we discover the negative impacts of non-green cleaning products on ourselves, our family, and the environment we can begin to ask how to go green. This doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In a few steps you can create better air quality and reduce the amount of exposure to toxic chemicals and pollutants. Just ask us for more info on how to make the transition!



Product Safety Data Sheets

Here is the list of our products used as well as the ingredients in the Safety Data Sheets:

Click on the product name to view the Safety Data Sheet PDF

Not listed - Lemon juice, Salt, Club Soda

We also use microfiber for all rags, mopheads, and dusters as well as Proteam and Bissell vacuums.


We are currently located in Medford, Oregon making us easily available to service throughout the Rogue Valley area.


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